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Roxanne Berthold, who graduated from Concordia University with Distinction in translation, has been a translator since September 2002. She was first employed by HMV where she worked as a translator for four years before she was hired as a translator and coordinator for a communication & marketing agency where she worked for a year and a half. In July of 2008, she jumped into the world of full-time freelancing. Since becoming a full-time freelancer, Roxanne has completed many projects for various clients, including a fiction series for teenage girls, different operation manuals for equipments such as barbecues, lawn mowers, and computer hardware, and corporate newsletters addressed to employees, to only name a few. She is also very involved in the philanthropic sector with clients ranging from a palliative care provider to an association for cancer-stricken children.



Roxanne works in a PC environment, and uses the following software:

  • Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Trados 2007 Suite (Trados, TagEditor, SDLX)

  • Trados Studio 2011

  • MemoQ

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